Service System

The Customers Service Center is composed of more than 60 service people who are in charge of technical service after the product delivered. Moreover the company has seven offices separately in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Lanzhou, Chengdu and Wuhan city. The people in these seven offices are responsible for customer review after delivery, receive the service information and arrangement. In addition, the service components special warehouse has been set up and directly governed by the Customer Service Center to ensure timely supply of repair parts for rail cars, heavy-duty maintenance machinery and electrified working vehicles. Regarding the customer service, the company has taken various efficient measures to ensure most  attentive and satisfactory service: 

· All the service people must provide "most sincere and faithful service", must erect the flag of "the service from Golden Eagle is the most popular and satisfactory", and must ensure to-ranking service speed, service technology and service attitude;

· All the service people must never say "no" to our customers, and they should make sure "Five Norms" on their appearances, languages, behaviors, dressing and working schedule; 

· Training relevant people constantly, and they will not be permitted to work individually unless passing the examination after training;

· Set up star service and satisfactory evaluation mechanism. Each service provided by different dispatched service people must be traced and investigated on different satisfactory degrees, and then elect service star people according to comments monthly and summary analysis annually to inspire all the service people creating Golden Eagle excellent service eimages. 

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