Beijing: Subway proposed annual management measures implemented during the Olympic Games

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Beijing released a few days ago to seek the views "of Beijing urban rail operation and management of road safety measures", proposed the establishment of urban rail transit security system, the prohibition of begging during the Olympic Games show a series of effective management measures, through the legislative form, as a protect the safety of future long-term mechanism to track.

With the existing "in Beijing urban rail operation and management of road safety measures" compared to the revised draft specifically to increase the "urban rail transit system to implement security checks.
To prohibit passengers from carrying weapons and ammunition, the control apparatus, explosive and radioactive, toxic, corrosive and other items that may affect public safety to enter the urban rail transit station. Refused to accept the security checks or carrying prohibited articles officers stop by the public security organs in accordance with the law dealing with the "content".

Under the Amendment Bill and the "People's Republic of China Law on Administrative Penalties for Public Security" the provisions of security or refuse to stop carrying prohibited goods, shall be a warning or a fine of 200 yuan; In serious cases, the Agency for more than five on the 10th the following detention, may be a fine of 500 yuan.

The draft amendments also add states that "urban rail transit station site, station offices, cars, evacuation routes is prohibited to put their things around, begging, show, as well as the authorization to set up stalls, such as the impact of passage of the act of evacuation and rescue." Begging, show, the acts of stalls set up in Beijing metro operation is the first legislation expressly prohibited.

"Beijing Daily" reported that on the 18th, during the Olympic Games, the same vehicle trips, the same amount of time, begging really show who disappear from the Chamber. Regulations are now also planning to seek the views of those who will soon be prohibited uncivilized phenomenon has been the rise.

Office of Legislative Affairs, said the city staff for the implementation of "Green Olympics" by some of management measures taken, it is necessary to establish it through legislation to create a long-term mechanism.

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